Meet my amazing team...

When I tell you that they are the absolute best.... I seriously could not ask for more!


L'Angelle or Angel

Hi there! I'm L'Angelle, but everyone calls me Angel. Dance is more than a movement, it is truly a part of our life! 4 of my 6 children have danced, and my 2 youngest are still too little to start classes, so we shall see what the future holds. My kids have always wanted to stand out and I've been sewing for many years, so it only made sense that I made them dancewear! From there something beautiful was started, and I could not be more glad to be on this journey in life, I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing team and the ideas that we have in store for this year.... ohhhhhhh come along on this journey with us!

Meet My right hand, the amazing


Not only is she beautiful inside and out but she is a school Psychologist, she has amazing organizational skills and tracks nearly everything, she keeps me on track too (lol) and has great ideas for many of the fun challenges we do at OSL, especially with our ambassadors. I am beyond grateful to have her on the OSL Team!!

I call her Angel #2.... Meet tHe Stunning


Angel is the sweetest and most stylish lady I know! She is 100% behind many of the new styles that are being brought into OSL, especially in the new year to come! If you need help to customize a leo or set or color advice, she is the admin you need to speak to!! You will not be disappointed! She also runs our Instagram page for OSL Leos, super grateful she is on the OSL Team!

Meet our Stunning Group Admin


Amanda too wears many hats, she was a former wedding planner, (which totally explains why she is full of amazing ideas)! She is also a mom to 3. She curates all of the topics in our group and is very tentative to the FB page and keeps it a safe space for us all. Incredibly grateful to have her on the OSL team.

Meet The gorgeous...


Julie is a Junior High teacher that specializes in teaching about digital arts! She also does photography. Julie has 2 children and is chock full of brilliant ideas! Julie has her hand in a little bit of everything behind the scenes and also keeps me giggling! I love her down to earth personality and everything she brings to the table! Super grateful to have her on the OSL Team!